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Today’s manufacturers are using decades old methods to accomplish mold texturing. These problematic and labor intensive practices, like the “wax and rice paper” method, various screen printing methods, and others, have survived so long due to the lack of a suitable or economical solution.

Digital Texturing is this solution.

Using a combination of proprietary technology, including IKONICS’ patented photo resist films, and specifically engineered hardware, Digital Texturing offers those in the mold texturing industry an opportunity to work faster, produce more accurate textures, unmatched operational consistency, dramatic reduction of human error/inconsistency, secure digital filing/storage of images and the general standardization of mold texturing operations.

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Digital Texturing Advantages

Digital Texturing infuses technical certainty, predictability, and standardization into mold texturing operations that have historically been challenged by slow turn-around, operational inconsistency, and a high degree of labor intensity.

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Digital Texturing relies on the digital rendering of texture artwork. Using IKONICS proprietary technology, including the DTX Jet, the digitized artwork is used to create a pressure-sensitive adhesive acid resist film, which ultimately becomes the “stencil” or “template.” As such, the challenge of registration, particularly with multi-level textures, is significantly reduced.